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BS 10125 Second Consultation – Information and Link

BS 10125 Automotive services – Specification for vehicle damage repair process (revision) 

Final week for the second public consultationCloses on Thursday 30th June 2022 (at midnight)

Click here to comment: BS 10125 draft for 2nd public consultation 

Thank you to everyone who submitted comments for the first consultation of BS 10125. The drafting panel has reviewed every one of the comments received and adjusted the draft accordingly. There was a significant amount of commentary which fell into three main areas:

  1. a) Definition around what a competent person is.
  2. b) How you recognise competency.
  3. c) Annex A.

As a result, this is where the majority of updates have occurred since the previous public consultation.

The SVS/20 committee feel that the changes made in this latest revision change the previous draft significantly enough to warrant a 2nd public consultation period.

Additionally, because BS 10125 makes reference to the CPD (Continuous Professional Development) Framework, a copy of this Framework has been uploaded to the commenting portal as a supporting document. Please note that this is for your convenience and is not itself part of the public consultation, so we are not inviting comments on this document. 

Comment on the second draft of BS 10125 by 30th June 2022 

General, technical and editorial comments can be made online on the BSI draft review site through the link below. This is your opportunity to have your final say. Just click on the link (a one-off registration is required), review the draft and leave your comments. BS 10125 draft for 2nd public consultation

All comments received will be reviewed by the panel responsible for the draft. Remember, the consultation period closes on 30th June 2022 at midnight. 

Many thanks for your input.