BS 10125 Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to the questions asked most often. If you would like the answer to a question that is not listed, contact us by phone or e-mail.

Currently, I don’t have certification. What are your costs?

For those bodyshops not currently certified to a repair standard, there is a requirement to undergo a pre-certification audit at a cost of £950.  Following a successful audit, the annual costs are £950 which accounts for 2 audits over the 12 months.

As I am an existing BS 10125 bodyshop with another certification body, is there a reduced cost for me?

Yes, in the first year you will require a conversion audit at a cost of £950 plus only 1 additional audit at a cost of £475.

Are there different numbers of annual audits depending upon the size of the bodyshop?

At RMISC, we believe that all businesses should be rigorously and regularly audited, irrespective of their size. All bodyshops have to achieve the same Standard criteria and therefore over the course of a 12 month period, all sites are audited twice.

Is RMISC UKAS accredited?

Yes, we undergo the same rigorous audit procedures and achieve the same standard as all similar UKAS accredited organisations. Accreditation is a formal, third party recognition of competence to perform specific tasks and it provides a means to identify a proven, competent evaluator so that the selection certification body is an informed choice

Does it matter where in the country where I am located?

RMISC is a national organisation and is therefore able to certify businesses wherever they are located in the UK.

I have work provider approvals that require BS 10125. Will certification with you meet this requirement?
Yes as we certify to that particular Standard. You will need to check with your work providers if they have further additional requirements.

My current Licence still has time to run, but I want to certify with you when it does. What can I do?

You can submit your application now. We will document your licence expiry date and arrange your conversion audit booking to ensure you are transitioned on the correct date.  However, you may need to check any termination notice period you have with your current certification body.